Online Poker Etiquette

When it comes to online interaction, the facelessness of it can bring out the worst in the internet users. In online poker, the scenario is no different since the least polite gamers tend to have their say in the chat boxes. Want to keep off confrontations with other poker players next time you visit your online poker room? Here is a brief must-read guide to the basics of online poker etiquette.


When playing poker, it is advisable to refrain from commenting on the game once you have folded. Any commentary after folding is seen as unsportsmanlike and rude to the players that are still in the game. However, commentaries are acceptable as long as you are still in the game – you can psyche out your opponents, even though you may not be very likable if you are applying this tactic every time.


Since the emergence of Twitter, trolling has become a common term in our language, as it gives some people the opportunity to abuse others. However, using the chat box to abuse other players at the virtual poker table is not allowed and may cause you lots of problems. Yes, it is highly likely that you will get angry when your opponent wins, especially if they have had a bad play.

Regardless of the level of upset, it is only advisable that you keep your cool and respect your fellow players. In a place such as Las Vegas, abusive language would cause physical confrontations at land-based casinos, and that is why that kind of behavior is not admissible even online.


Gloating is a common problem among winners. Some players will always want to remind their opponents of how smarter they are than them after a win. This is known as gloating. While it is possible to say anything in the heat of the moment, you need to be considerate about the feelings of the loser. Your opponent’s failures should not be your laughing stock. Remember, the last person to laugh laughs longest. So it is important to suppress your excitement when you are ahead in the game as you may become the hunted later on when the tables are turned.